Cupcakes Bring More Hope to Miriam's Table


A VERY Special Donation of Time, Talent, and Much Love!



I received this letter from a very special young man, named Wade Stout, who has a “servant’s heart”.  He and his family attend Epworth United Methodist Church in Rehoboth Beach DE with the Keefers.



Dear Mrs. Keefer,


I'm a 6th grader at Sussex Academy and I get to choose any project for my 10 hours of required community service. I was wondering if it would be ok if I created a project that could help to fund Miriam's Table. I'm still putting ideas together, but I was thinking of making (with my mom) and selling cupcakes to family and friends for Easter. My mom makes awesome holiday cupcakes and I think that if we work together, we could sell sets of 24 regular cupcakes or 48 mini cupcakes (more or less) to parents who want them for their children's class parties. Or to workers who want to treat their co-workers, etc. My goal would be to sell about $300 worth to pay for about 6 months of meals for MT. I'm also thinking about asking the local grocery stores for donations of supplies (and if that doesn't work, I might ask individuals for donations of cake mix & frosting, etc.). I know it will be a lot of work, but I'm excited to do it, if it's ok with your family. I would ask buyers to make their checks out to Miriam's Table to keep the financial stuff simple. Let me know if you think this idea is ok. I think Miriam's Table is such an awesome thing and it's so cool to see how your family is helping so many people in Congo. I hope to be a small part of your efforts.




Wade Stout

We were thrilled that we were going to be a part of Wade’s school project.  He did a spectacular job advertising his cupcake sale, as well as sharing information about Miriam’s Table throughout the community.


This is Wade, presenting Nick, one of the manager’s at Harris Teeter, with a cupcake!  They donated all the cupcake containers for the project! 

Cupcakes getting ready for delivery!


Wade presented the Keefer family with $550.00! 


It was over and above his hopes for $300! What a huge blessing for the children of Miriam’s Table! 


This will buy 1,057 bowls of food for the children!



God continues to bless us beyond our expectations!

The Keefers presented Wade with a handmade Congolese shirt.


Thank you, Wade!!! 


A BIG Thank you also to your family for giving you such great support for your project to be a marvelous success!!

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