The Kent Island United Methodist Church chose Miriam’s Table for their VBS collection!  We received emails, letters and phone calls as to how marvelous it was for them to connect their VBS children with our children of the Congo.  The following text is excerpts from a letter written to us by their “Congo Mama” for their week.  As you will read, the experience was a huge blessing to all!


“It is a true blessing to be able to send these checks to Miriam’s Table to help further your life changing, life saving mission program in the Congo.  The blessings your mission provided us were 1,000 fold.  How?  Let me share just some of the ways.


-The joy first felt by our pastor and VBS committee when Miriam’s Table was chosen as our over-seas mission


-As “Congo Mission Mama” working on getting the children excited about our mission project and having them see the other children who are just like them, but, who only have one meal a day and need our help to receive that.


-Preparing Miriam’s story that was sent home with every child. Preparing the visual displays that- yellow bowls filled with oatmeal, our daily chart marking the money collected everyday and how many meals it provided…”


Many years of VBS and collections have been done over the years, but never have the children been so connected as they were to Miriam’s Table.  We thank you for allowing us to be a part of this amazing ministry.”


We are so very thankful to Kent Island for sharing Miriam’s Table with their families.  It was such a blessing to us to read and see the photos of happy children and adults connecting with our Congolese families!



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