For the first time since 2013, Susie made a trip to Congo in January. She was joined by her friend and a first time African traveler, Shawn Harris. It was super hot as it was the rainy season humidity that kept everyone wishing for a cool rain!  


In spite of that, the ladies were filled to the brim with blessings from the staff and children of Miriam’s Table.


Upon their arrival, the children ran to greet them laughing, giggling, and hugging in one giant clump! Seeing the children running filled Susie’s heart with joy, remembering the first days they opened the doors in 2014, when many of the children were too weak to run. Their smiles now tell a different story.


The staff awaited with their huge smiles each wanting for their own special hug. The staff are the backbone of this ministry coming faithfully each day, very early morning, to start the fire to begin the preparation of the meal. They are true servants. 


Singing is always on the agenda before serving the meal. The children love to sing and laughed as Susie and Shawn joined the staff trying to mimic the motions and clapping they all knew so well. It is a special time too, to hear one of the children give the prayer of thanks before eating.


Serving the bowls added a bit more confusion as the children are anxious to eat. Each bowl of food has an added piece of fresh bread now that the government provides. Once bowls are given, they scurry out the door to find a place to sit on the ground. The building is too crowded and hot inside.


Games are the highlight of the day. Both the children and staff joined in. Parachute games, duck, duck, goose, jump ropes, and some games they taught Susie  and Shawn to play. The laughter is heard from afar, so others come to watch and join in too. A lot of dust is raised with all the running and jumping.


The day goes by quickly, but the children know the ladies will return a couple more times before they have to go home. Each day they walked, again in a clump, with Susie and Shawn all the way to their car. On the last day, the goodbyes are much harder. 


Shawn was overwhelmed by the beauty of the ministry. She fell in love with the children and staff. She said she would like to return again someday!


Miriam’s Table was established in October of 2014. We serve about 350 children a nutritious bowl of food five days a week. This bowl has enough nutrients (vitamins and minerals too) for a full day’s nutrition. Our staff of 11 are thrilled to have full time jobs as they are not plentiful in the Mpasa area we service