Our Team

The people that make make our mission a reality!

Susie Keefer

President, Co-founder & Miriam’s mom

Susie is a retired special education teacher. Her first trip to Congo in 2010 captured her heart. She has continued to travel there each year to be personally connected to the Miriam’s Table ministry. She and her husband Ed are the founders of Miriam’s Table.


Reber Whitner

I'm a retired teacher & small business owner but deep down inside I've always loved the label Volunteer. The work the Miriam's Table is doing in Mpasa is proof to me that God puts the right people in the right place at the right time... and then it becomes our work.


Stephanie Manos

I am a retired counselor. I became interested in Miriam’s Table through the Keefers. I had just finished two mission trips to Haiti and realized there was much to do for children on a global scale. Volunteering and watching this program grow are a mission as well as a gift to me.


Jaclyn Keefer


I live in Milton, DE with my wife and kids. I went DRC in 2012 and met Miriam, who very quickly became my sister. I went back in 2021 and fell in love with the rest of Miraim's family. I believe there's always room at the table.


Bill Quinn

He has a 45 year background in finance and retail management. Has been involved in multiple fundraising projects over the years. He has a firm belief that we all can and should help others either near or far.

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