After traveling in 2010 to the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a mission team, Susie Keefer fell in love with the children that were part of the Mpasa Nutrition Program.  Before she left, she knew she wanted to return to spend more time with the precious children.  Upon her return the next summer, she met two-year-old Miriam.  The bonding between them was immediate, so when the circumstances of Miriam's life changed in 2012, Susie and her husband Ed were given the opportunity to adopt her.  In the fall of 2013, Susie was back in Mpasa to bring Miriam home.  While waiting for Miriam's exit visa, Susie continued to work at the nutrition center.  Mothers from the outskirts of Mpasa sought out Susie, asking her to "come and see our starving children".  Her heart was torn apart by their plea.  Through lots of prayer with Ed, they discerned that God was commanding them to "Feed these children".  That is when Miriam's Table was born.


Miriam's Table is located in the Mpasa Region, outside of the capital city of Kinshasa where the poorest of the poor live.  Never before has this community received services from other non-profit organizations.  With the anticipation of serving about 150 children, Miriam's Table opened its doors in October 2014.  In a matter of just two weeks, the numbers swelled to 250.  Over the next several months, the numbers continued to grow.  Today, about 350 children are fed five days a week.  The daily meal is a mixture of grains and nutrients to give the children a full days nutrition, because if may be the only meal they received that day.  Through our efforts, much needed medicines are now available to the children to prevent some diseases contracted through tainted water and foods.  In addition to the health of our children, seven Congolese men and women have been given full time jobs.  In an area where little work is available, this has been a huge blessing for them.

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